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4 Things I’ve Learned About Life From My 1st Major Climb

My 1st Major Climb

I had my first major climb last march 1-2, 2014. We climbed Mt. Dulang-Dulang, the second highest mountain in the Philippines. The view from the top was amazing, breath-taking even. I’ve never imagined in my entire life that I will someday climb a mountain. It was the best opportunity to see and appreciate one of God’s creations, which not all humans could see and appreciate. I really felt blessed.

Mt. Dulang-dulang Summit

Lately, I’ve been focusing on happiness and the things I learned from every experience. Let me share to you some of the things I learned from my first major climb that can also be applied in our normal, day to day life.

Summit Campsite

Stair climb

    1. It is good to be always prepared. Weeks before the climb, we had a series of trainings to prepare us for the climb. It actually paid off. It made me confident and nothing bad happened. No accidents, no injuries. We were on time with the itinerary. So it is with our day to day life. We need to prepare for what is to come; that meeting at work, that date, that summer outing, married life and even retirement. So when it finally comes, you’ll be confident and sure of yourself. You’ll feel good and happy about it.

Group 1 "The amazing coffee team"


    1. It is best to have friends. During the climb, we were divided into groups. My groupmates were my climb buddies. We climbed together, we rest together and we shared trail foods and stories over meals or coffee or even while climbing. They didn’t make the climb easy, but they made it worthwhile with their stories, jokes and even just their company. When we got to the top, I had them to share the moment and the happiness with. Thus, no matter how busy you are, spend some time with your friends because happiness when shared is doubled.

Coffee break

Coffee break @ Alanib river

1st Regroup @ Alanib river

    1. Enjoy every moment. That was the first time I’ve been on Mt. Dulang-Dulang and who knows when I will be able to go back there. I tried as hard as I could, between deep breaths, to enjoy every step, every crawl under a fallen tree, every slippery path, the coldness of the weather, the enchanting mossy forest and of course, the majestic view from the peak; not to mention, the company of my friends, because that moment will never happen again. Yes, I might climb Mt. Dulang-Dulang again, but I might have different companions. For sure it will be another whole new experience. So enjoy life, every moment of it, because you might not be able to experience the same moment again.

Manny's garden campsite

  1. The path to the top is not easy. Definitely. You’ll ran out of breath and there’ll be a lot of obstacles like a big, fallen tree or a protruding branch, a slippery path, rocks, holes, etc. If you’re not careful enough, these may cause you bruises or other injuries. So it still boils down to being prepared because if you’re not prepared and careful, you might not reach the top. No matter what, just keep on climbing. Even if you’re very slow. As long as you don’t stop, you will eventually reach the top. As the saying goes, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall; what matters is you rise every time you fall.


Summit of Mt. Dulang-dulang

These are just some of the lessons you can learn from climbing that I consider major life lessons and could be applied in normal, everyday life. If you have other lessons that you want to share, feel free to write it down in the comment below. Climb on!

Fear factor level

Photo credits: Focalmatters Photography and Gabu Sanico.


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