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A Route to an Awe!

ROTA volunteers

A Route to an Awe! as I wake up earlier than the sun doing the same routinary things before going to work at 4am, I was thinking: how am I supposed to enjoy my weekends and holidays? Oh well, things gone through ordinarily until a friend of mine invited me to join mountain climbing. Because of this, it added some flavor to my ordinary routine.

My first climb was mt sumagaya and it all started there. Fun climb, with a twist of environment friendly activity-clean up drive and i liked it, hitting two birds in one stone. It let me connect to the world where I stand on, letting me think how the future will become.

Moreover, the climb gave me a boost of muscle pain, excitement and enchantment seeing unaccountable bonsai trees and wild flowers growing in hilghly elevated mountain in this country and a good fellowship among the members of ROTA, a gang of severly insane, mild hearted people centered in the advocacy of reaching the unreachable and helping the needy.

And that gave me an awe! KUDOS ROTA Pilipinas!

Volunteers - Background Mt. Balatucan




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