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7th Trek ‘N Treat

ROTA Philippines Incorporated
 in collaboration with ATTACK CDO – All Terrain Trekkers and Cross-Country Klub invites you to its 7th Trek n’ Treat on April 2, 2016 held at Mintugsok water falls.

Trek and Treat is a fund-raising project through trekking activities for kids who may need treatment through surgery and for medical bills that may arise after.

This fund raising event will be for the benefit of “Baby Gio Paolo” who is in dire need of financial assistance to complete the 4 million medical expenses for a liver transplant which will be done in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaoshung, Taiwan.

Baby Gio Paolo Peralta is suffering from Biliary Atresia as diagnosed by the attending physician Dr. Jesamine Sareno of Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital. Biliary atresia is a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. To extend Baby Gio Paolo’s life, he needs a liver transplant. According to the parents, this is a rare case in the Philippines. At first, no doctors will accept Gio’s case since there is not much established liver transplant program in the country for pedia.

We will be collecting Php 100.00 as registration fee. Other than to register, we also encourage everyone to donate in any amount. You may also contact the parents of Baby Gio Paolo for your donations thru this number: 09063222122 – Ruby Peralta.

Ø Starts by 7AM at Lumboy, Indahag, Covered Court
Ø IDs will be distributed upon registration

07:00 – Assembly at Indahag Bound multi-cab alley – fronting Kevin Enterprise
(Fare from Cogon to Indahag is Php 11.00)
08:00 – ETA to Lumboy Covered Court
Registration of the participants
Opening Ceremony
09:00AM – Start trek
11:00AM – ETA to Mintugsok Falls
12:00NN – Lunch
13:00PM – ETD from Mintugsok Falls
15:00PM – ETA to Lumboy Covered Court
Closing Ceremony


 ROUTE: Approximately 5.74KM

07:00 – Assembly at Lumboy Covered Court
08:00 – Registration of the participants
Opening Ceremony
09:00AM – Start Bike
11:00AM – ETA to Lumboy Covered Court
Closing Ceremony

(To be posted: route map for bike)

Gears (comfortable outfit under the heat of the sun – ready for river crossing)
o Dri-Fit shirt, Arm warmers or protectors
o Trek pants/Leggings
o Trek pole (Optional)
o Cap/Headgear/Umbrella/Sunblock lotion
o Wear trek shoes or any comfy sandals secured with velcro/lock. Slippers may only be used at river crossings since it is unsafe for trekking.
o Extra dry clothesfor changing after the event

Food and Hydration
o 1-2 Liters of water/Gatorade (optional)
o Packed lunch (should be inside a reusable container)
o Trail foods

Water proofing
o Place dry clothes, phones and other gadgets inside a secured plastic bag/dry bag

* Always follow instructions from you respective marshals
* Subject to change without prior notice.


Dece Grace L. Labis
Project Manager for Assistance
| 09161715551 |

Drexyl William A. Vacalares
ROTA Exec. Director
| 09055722803 |


Gio’s Journey – Biliary Atresia


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Galimour Night


1st GALI TIN CUP AWARDStincup-award

The cup is a symbol of various experiences pertaining to a Gali’s-way-to-go life, either as a mountaineer or a volunteer. The cup exemplifies camaraderie, companionship and celebration. The behavior of drinking from the tin cup has meaning and function. By drinking with other galis, we lower our barriers, relax ourselves, and feel that we are sharing time, energy and effort, thus enhancing mutual respect, communication and social interaction. Also, a gali takes something to drink just to quench a thirst –a thirst that will remind us always for the need to do something to keep us going.

Tin is a flexible, bendable, silvery-white metal. It acts as a catalyst. We are catalyst for change. It can be philosophically viewed as the breath of life. As we breathe in life, so we ought to breathe out life. Tin also adds a philosophical lesson to life that standing alone it is weaker than if it is combined with another element. As you receive a tin cup, you receive not just by yourself; one gali or more has offered and shared it to you.

Lastly, the cup symbolizes the truth of faith which is from the good of charity. A tin cup is usually associated with a beggar’s cup. This reminds every gali that we should be humble enough to receive help so that we can help others too. To receive a Gali Tin Cup Award is a moment of affirmation and a moment of inspiration. The tin cups will now be shared and served with overflowing greatness and goodness.


ROTA Awards

“R” Category – Responsibility. For volunteers who responsibly took leadership roles in outreach and climb activities.

Team Leader of the Year (For exemplary leadership in the organizing and implementation of a ROTA outreach and/or climb.
Leadership Achievement Award – Kitchen Committee (For community food preparation and service.
Leadership Achievement Award – Kids Committee (For positive influence on children in group dynamics)
Leadership Achievement Award– HTTP Committee (For the installation of happy tippy tappy project and/or demonstration of proper hand-washing)
Packer of the Year (For consistent attendance and efficient preparation of school kits, health kits, and/or shoes.)
Photographer of the Year (For capturing the spirit of volunteerism and candid moments on photos)
Tree planter of the Year (For having the highest number planted of trees for this year 2014)

“O” Category – Optimism. For volunteers who have exemplified optimistic and positive attitude especially during critical situations.

Face of the Year (For maintaining a positive outlook every time, whatever the circumstance.)
Mountaineer of the Year (For perfect or near perfect attendance in 2014 minor and major climbs and attitude in altitude; strength of character, courage and perseverance, and overcoming weaknesses.
Harkor of the Year (For persistence and determination in Traverse Climb)

“T” Category – Transformation. For volunteers who have shown great improvement in attitude, rapport and camaraderie within the organization.

Bumblebee Award (For effective and positive impact on other volunteers)
Bullynteer of the Year (For wit and banter, creating a lively atmosphere within the group.)
ROTA Blogger of the Year (For promoting the advocacy of ROTA)

“A” Category – Altruism. For volunteers who have shown passion, dedication and commitment in the service delivery of the different ROTA programs and activities; and for unselfishly sharing their knowledge and skills thus greatly contributed to the development of the organization.

Most Spirited Volunteer Award (For exemplifying unmatched enthusiasm and cheer)
Gali of the Year (For newly bona fide members, epitomizing the four core values of ROTA; responsibility, optimism, transformation and altruism)
Upline of the Year (For having the most number of active downline volunteers)
ROTA Team Award (For the best outreach implementation)
Special Awards

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Trek & Treat 4

We are grateful to all trekkers from different schools, organizations, and offices. ROTA would also like to thank the bikers from different bike clubs (COMBAT, MYX, BoneBikers).

A big THANK YOU to everyone to those who supported and participated the fundraising activity last April 26 2014 hosted by ROTA Philippines in collaboration with ATTACK CDO bike club.


Route: Indahag – Kamakawan – Mintugsok



Route: Indahag – Kinawe – Kiliog


Join us again for the 5th Trek & Treat this coming Saturday, August 16 at Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City.

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A Route to an Awe!

ROTA volunteers

A Route to an Awe! as I wake up earlier than the sun doing the same routinary things before going to work at 4am, I was thinking: how am I supposed to enjoy my weekends and holidays? Oh well, things gone through ordinarily until a friend of mine invited me to join mountain climbing. Because of this, it added some flavor to my ordinary routine.

My first climb was mt sumagaya and it all started there. Fun climb, with a twist of environment friendly activity-clean up drive and i liked it, hitting two birds in one stone. It let me connect to the world where I stand on, letting me think how the future will become.

Moreover, the climb gave me a boost of muscle pain, excitement and enchantment seeing unaccountable bonsai trees and wild flowers growing in hilghly elevated mountain in this country and a good fellowship among the members of ROTA, a gang of severly insane, mild hearted people centered in the advocacy of reaching the unreachable and helping the needy.

And that gave me an awe! KUDOS ROTA Pilipinas!

Volunteers - Background Mt. Balatucan




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Oh Kamansi (2nd time around)


The sun was already shining when the volunteers arrived at Balingasag. From there, they will take a habal-habal to Sitio Kibanban where they will start their trek to Sitio Kamansi. The habal-habal ride was long, bouncy and dangerous due to the big rocks on the road. A road that seems to be a river that ran out of water and decided to be a road. But what the road lacked in beauty, the view made up for it. The mountains looked velvety smooth and were very green. So diverting the attention from the road to the mountain helped ease the uneasiness from the ride. From Sitio Kibanban, it takes about three hours of open-trail trek with two river-crossing. And even though the sun was blazing hot, the view was hotter. Magnificent mountain range that will take your breath away.

Since the volunteers arrived at Sitio Kamansi earlier as expected, they were able to relax for awhile and settle down before proceeding with the planned activities. While some were busy preparing snacks for the kids, others were entertaining the kids with different games. School kits and TOMS shoes were given after the games. The parents were also given used clothings, face towels and combs. Some basic medicines, seeds, sprinklers and grab hoes were also given to the PTA President of the school. Then everybody feasted on rice and adobong chicken liver. When night came, some of the kids came back and watched cartoons on a laptop. Sitio Kamansi has no electricity. So it was really a treat for the kids to be able to watch cartoons. The next day, some of the kids and parents came back. They were served arroz caldo for breakfast. After breakfast, the mothers were gathered for a mini cooking demo on an alternative way of cooking lutya (cocoyam).

The volunteers started their trek back to Sitio Kibanban a little before noon, stopping for awhile by the river for lunch and to enjoy the fresh, cold water. Then again, the much dreaded habal-habal ride had to be taken. It was already late in the afternoon when they arrived in Balingasag and rode a jeepney back to Cagayan de Oro.

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