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ROTA Official SMARTPayITfwd Video Entry


ROTA Philippines video dubbed as “Papel” made it to #smartpayitfwd page as an official entry.

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UPDATE: Thanks to all the supporters, we made it as top 10 winners for Round 1. Thank you very much!

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SMART Pay It Forward

Paying it forward through Smart Acts.It’s the retiree who trains unemployed women in the community on alternative livelihood. The college students who help instill in low-performing grade school pupils the love of reading and learning. The group of athletes who holds sports clinics for street children. These extraordinary deeds by ordinary people can, and do, make a positive difference in this world.These smart acts of kindness can go even further with payITfwd – the new initiative of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) that aims to enable through technology ongoing efforts that foster learning. Smart will payITfwd by giving away 5 tablets, Smart Bro load worth P3,000, Smart Bro pocket wi-fi, and cash prize worth P50,000 to twenty teams with the best projects.

About PayITfwd

PayITfwd is a social development initiative that aims to enable nation building by increasing access to technology (device + connectivity).

The goal is to support, promote, expand, enhance, reward and enable social good efforts that foster LEARNING through technology.

These social good acts done by ordinary individuals or groups — dubbed ‘Smart Acts’ — are made ‘smarter’ with technology.

Technology not only increases access to learning but enables these smart acts to spread its benefits to more communities thus keeping the ‘good’ going.

PayITfwd is the new program of Smart Communications, Inc. that aims to enable the spread of social good acts or ‘smart acts’ using technology (or Information Technology).


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Colon Closed Parenthesis

When we had our socials circle in the evening at Kabayan Barrio Elem School, there was one question left unheard of answers. I think it was GP supported by Dina who was a bit shy to ask.

“Are you happy?” (He addressed the question to ROTA, as a group)

I can still remember, I replied nothing but silence.

I remember I asked the same question during our outreach at Kamansi to one of the children after giving her a spoon of breakfast.

“Nalipay ba ka?” (Masaya ka ba?)

She replied nothing but silence.

Enough to hear my heart beating and my lungs expanding.

When I remember, I believe…

I am happy.

-Moxology 🙂

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Tree Planting and Trekking Adventure at Mapawa, Gango and Pelaez Ranch

I am not really a mountain climber or a mountain trekker, though I love watching National Geographic Channel’s shows. It encourages me to try those adventures they have had on their shows and my friends from Rebirth FM(an online radio station), been on the trekking journeys around the mountains that surrounds the city of Cagayan de Oro, like Malasag, and some parts of Bukidnon like Gango in Libona.They have been saying it as a beginner’s course of a trek but for me as a person who has not been so exposed on those kinds of journeys, hiking on those not so mountainous areas under the scourging heat of the sun plus uphill rocky and grassy terrains makes it an advance course. Good thing I have been jogging 2 to 3 times a week for the past few months and it helps my stamina to go on that trek without passing out, it would have been a great embarrassment for me if I did while the girls on the group are just feeling good about the trek.


Anyway, before the trek we did tree planting first at the Malasag reforestation area under the management of the Mapawa Nature Park. Each of us on the team planted 2 seedlings of Antipolo Tree located 1 to 2 kilometres from the Mapawa Nature Park office. It was hell of a ride going to the planting site because the road is not concrete and it has been raining the following days and weeks and we’ve been riding at the back of the truck/wagon, I think you can picture out how we were bouncing up and down on that trip but what is a couple kilometre distance? A short trip, so it was still a fun ride, right? Some of us would’ve loved to go on hike to that area to have a sense of fulfilment by walking a kilometre distance to plant trees but it’s still good and we were planning to go back there to plant more trees.

Subsequently to our good endeavour with nature, we went back to the city to ride a jeepney going to Gango in Libona Bukidnon, where we started our journey to traverse the mountains on that area passing by the Pelaez Ranch to the wilderness of Malasag. I could say the trek wasn’t that easy even though it is considered as a beginner’s course, walking under the midday sun along that trail was a bit tough from the beginner’s point of view like me. On the contrary, every daunting trail was a great reward of awesome mountain sceneries – a 360 degrees grand view of the mountains, valleys, forests, rivers and springs. But the greatest reward for me was when we made it to the majestic falls. It ‘s like a hidden paradise not everybody could experience unless you are willing to do the trekking.
Considering those pain I gained from the trek, I could say as a beginner “I will not be going back”, but pondering to set eyes on those delightful view, I would say “I will definitely be going back” or will try another trekking adventure again. So, I am looking forward for the next adventure and if my schedule permits I am willing to get going and set the fire up!
Check the video of the trek by my genius friend Goma.

Check more trekking photos below…