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The Way I See.


As I rest my physical body, my subconsciousness is clairvoyant enough seeing those kids becoming leaders of their own profession and in their community. That was my thought when I was about to take a nap after the activity . It was really fun and fulfilling especially when their lips started to stretch resembling those genuine smiles. I cannot afford not to reminisce those happy moments with the kids who gave their best in mixing colors and creating lovely kiddy paintings. I Cannot imagine despite of clear poverty, they still managed to learn the basic principles of education. However, they still need support. ROTA Phil. Inc., addressed this through outreach activity. The group provided these kids basic educational supplies and a pair of slippers donated by several kind hearted sponsors. ROTA has a unique twist in each activity because it needs agility to get things done on time, strength to carry vital equipment while crossing rivers, climbing hills and mountains just to deliver the supplies for the beneficiaries. I should say that this advocacy are for the chosen ones. Willing to sacrifice for the sake of the needy, not waiting for an exchange but just enjoying the purpose of such endeavor. Ad Majorem dei Gloriam!



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Oh Kamansi (2nd time around)


The sun was already shining when the volunteers arrived at Balingasag. From there, they will take a habal-habal to Sitio Kibanban where they will start their trek to Sitio Kamansi. The habal-habal ride was long, bouncy and dangerous due to the big rocks on the road. A road that seems to be a river that ran out of water and decided to be a road. But what the road lacked in beauty, the view made up for it. The mountains looked velvety smooth and were very green. So diverting the attention from the road to the mountain helped ease the uneasiness from the ride. From Sitio Kibanban, it takes about three hours of open-trail trek with two river-crossing. And even though the sun was blazing hot, the view was hotter. Magnificent mountain range that will take your breath away.

Since the volunteers arrived at Sitio Kamansi earlier as expected, they were able to relax for awhile and settle down before proceeding with the planned activities. While some were busy preparing snacks for the kids, others were entertaining the kids with different games. School kits and TOMS shoes were given after the games. The parents were also given used clothings, face towels and combs. Some basic medicines, seeds, sprinklers and grab hoes were also given to the PTA President of the school. Then everybody feasted on rice and adobong chicken liver. When night came, some of the kids came back and watched cartoons on a laptop. Sitio Kamansi has no electricity. So it was really a treat for the kids to be able to watch cartoons. The next day, some of the kids and parents came back. They were served arroz caldo for breakfast. After breakfast, the mothers were gathered for a mini cooking demo on an alternative way of cooking lutya (cocoyam).

The volunteers started their trek back to Sitio Kibanban a little before noon, stopping for awhile by the river for lunch and to enjoy the fresh, cold water. Then again, the much dreaded habal-habal ride had to be taken. It was already late in the afternoon when they arrived in Balingasag and rode a jeepney back to Cagayan de Oro.

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Way To Go

Trail Notes by Moxology

Few months ago, we have been brainstorming a tag line that will somehow relate to ROTA. There were awesome lines popped up and I can’t help myself not to share my thoughts why this line or phrase hit me five stars!

Rota, it is a route, a trail, a road, a destination. Saan ba ang rota mo? Which way to go? At least we know to where we are going. We have a sense of direction.

To go! Well, like you guys said best things happen outside, log out, click the going button now! Go!

Way to go! It is an idiom. An expression signifying positivity. It means good job! Nice effort. It is a phrase encouraging someone to continue the good deeds/good work.                    waytogo

“way to go” 7 letters, 3 words, 1 phrase
•An expression of congratulations, encouragement, or approval
•A route, course of action; a preferred decision or choice.
•Initials. WTG

I just needed some encouragement this morning. Sometimes we have to be very conscious and conscientious with our words. I maybe a person hard to fathom but believe me that I don’t want to become the most difficult person than anyone will ever know.

In any ways what life brings us, we do not choose a dead end. We sometimes choose to traverse or back trail. We may take the odder way around but we always make sure leaving nothing but footprints.

I remember so well why I said these words during my first step with Rota.
“I have to go.”

To every GALI, WTG!

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My life as a Gali

What would my life be? Where would I be… And what would I be doing in life right now if life never gave me the chance to meet the people in this group? I don’t really know.

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Threads and Cloths

My earliest memory of threads and cloths were those found inside the drawers of our old sewing machine. Back then I was more interested riding its foot pedal,rocking backwar

ds/forwards, forwards/backwards in a pretend game of, “Hey, Look..The Foot Pedal’s My Rocking Chair!”. At other times, it was the only thing which kept me or my siblings hidden from prying eyes during a game of hide and seek. My fondest thoughts of more threads and cloths were the ones that my mother sewed. She made dresses for us girls for  special occasions. Nothing elaborate. Dresses that were appropriate for our young age. I remembered the white dress with small printed flowers with frills at the hem and waist. I wore it on my Grade IV, Commencement Day. My mother’s passion for sewing extended to pillows/ pillow cases, curtains, and rags. She recyled old cloths turning it into something useful. On our first church youth camping trip, she made this backpack/ sleeping bag contraption from tarpaulin and cloth stiched together. It was one of its kind. She taught us girls how to fold it from its sleeping bag form to backpack. It wasn’t perfect but it was a fun, fun, pack! In high school, my mother’s enthusiasm for sewing were put into test. My older sister and I were performing in our annual school play. We were both cast in the same character, Joan in the musical play,”Godspell” by Stephen Shwartz and John-Michael Tebelak. She made the most colorful, clownish, gaudy costumes ever put together. The bolero had puffed net sleves, with shapes stiched all over it. Both sleeves were of different colors. The skirts were short and balloon type; paired with colorful tights. The skirts swayed with every move we made. Our costumes were perfect for dancing and singing. It was just right for Joan. On my Senior year, she helped me sew my own version of “Cabbage Patch Doll”  as a birthday gift to one of my best friends who was turning eighteen at that time. We were at it for weeks, my mother and I. My desire was to make a doll. She was there to fulfill it. We probably made a great team because my best friend loved my gift –thanked me profusely for it. She also made a small pillow for me because I had trouble sleeping with those big fluffy kind. My mother had magic hands and a will to keep doggedly with whatever sewing projects she put her mind into.

Today, I made my first attempt to sew by hand the batik pants you see at the upper right corner. Guided by our well–loved sewing instructor and helpful classmates, I was able to make sense the steps on how to go about it. I may not have my mother’s skill yet  but I definitely have her stubborn persistence to stay and keep going. Don’t get me wrong, I get frustrated sometimes when unstitching seemed the only thing I do right and straight lines turned crooked. Then I’ll remember my mother’s unshakeable resolution to keep going. Just keep going.

To date :  The author have four blouses and a short pants to sew with several patterns to make; and a mantra to “Keep Going!”