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Downline, Upline Is Down On The Line

~trail notes by Moxology during Mt. Salumayagon Outreach Climb & Tree Growing, Tula & Sungay ES, Alubijid, Misamis Orienta

The definition of Upline-Downline can be rather simple to explain in networking but in mountaineering slash volunteering, it will define you to a higher level. You cannot just invite and involve someone to climb mountains and voila! there is a return of investment on top of the hands of the recruit (downline) and the sponsor (upline). In ROTA, we do not just climb mountains to reach quota, but we reach out to do outreach. We ask for help to help. That is our quota.

Last weekend (July 12, 2014) was a quota. The Tula ES and Sungay ES at Alubijid STAY in School Outreach Climb was another check on the line-up of activities of ROTA in 2014. Even though I had sleepless nights of battling my Midyear Financial Reports, I was able to jump in the dump truck early Saturday morning.


I had my best foot forward. Confident like one of my downlines, cheetah energy of Matetah. I had my best food forward. I haven’t had my heavy breakfast but I had enough for myself and for my downlines. I brought some sandwiches with cheese, broas from Oroquieta, cookies and Boy Bawang as my (our) trail food.

Yes I had my best.
But even the best fall down sometimes. Right mga bes?

We were about to touch the clouds and give praises near the heavens when suddenly a Captain had an emergency landing. It was indeed a life and death experience where I can almost say I died fighting. But because of the emergency Campo Dose we have had, I survived with much love and thanksgiving.


The cramps due to dehydration and over fatigue hit me big time. I did not have enough supply of pain relieving endorphins that I almost cried a river like the story we shared to the kids of Tula Elementary School, “Alamat ng Ilog Pasig”

Now I would like to give honor to the honorable Campo Dose, being on top of ROTA’s line of command was never an easy task. You have made service and at the same time servant your guiding principle in times of emergency. El prexy Campo Dose, brodbest 2pe and bes Yen, like mountains, thank you for being there. The scrambled egg with boy bawang as substitute for salt we shared will be a recipe for life. To the rest of the volunteers and mountaineers, way to go!

Scrambled egg wuth boy bawang

At first, I hesitated to ask for help when the throbbing and hurting started in my legs. I pushed my caffeinated body for four days too hard and so my leg muscles contracted too hard. I can almost feel my heartbeat around my neck when the crappy cramps hit its quota. Good to know that my Asthma never had an intermission number. In front of my downlines I failed them to reach the peak together. But that doesn’t motivate me to kiss mountaineering goodbye.

We somehow reached the peak of life.

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