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1st GALI TIN CUP AWARDStincup-award

The cup is a symbol of various experiences pertaining to a Gali’s-way-to-go life, either as a mountaineer or a volunteer. The cup exemplifies camaraderie, companionship and celebration. The behavior of drinking from the tin cup has meaning and function. By drinking with other galis, we lower our barriers, relax ourselves, and feel that we are sharing time, energy and effort, thus enhancing mutual respect, communication and social interaction. Also, a gali takes something to drink just to quench a thirst –a thirst that will remind us always for the need to do something to keep us going.

Tin is a flexible, bendable, silvery-white metal. It acts as a catalyst. We are catalyst for change. It can be philosophically viewed as the breath of life. As we breathe in life, so we ought to breathe out life. Tin also adds a philosophical lesson to life that standing alone it is weaker than if it is combined with another element. As you receive a tin cup, you receive not just by yourself; one gali or more has offered and shared it to you.

Lastly, the cup symbolizes the truth of faith which is from the good of charity. A tin cup is usually associated with a beggar’s cup. This reminds every gali that we should be humble enough to receive help so that we can help others too. To receive a Gali Tin Cup Award is a moment of affirmation and a moment of inspiration. The tin cups will now be shared and served with overflowing greatness and goodness.


ROTA Awards

“R” Category – Responsibility. For volunteers who responsibly took leadership roles in outreach and climb activities.

Team Leader of the Year (For exemplary leadership in the organizing and implementation of a ROTA outreach and/or climb.
Leadership Achievement Award – Kitchen Committee (For community food preparation and service.
Leadership Achievement Award – Kids Committee (For positive influence on children in group dynamics)
Leadership Achievement Award– HTTP Committee (For the installation of happy tippy tappy project and/or demonstration of proper hand-washing)
Packer of the Year (For consistent attendance and efficient preparation of school kits, health kits, and/or shoes.)
Photographer of the Year (For capturing the spirit of volunteerism and candid moments on photos)
Tree planter of the Year (For having the highest number planted of trees for this year 2014)

“O” Category – Optimism. For volunteers who have exemplified optimistic and positive attitude especially during critical situations.

Face of the Year (For maintaining a positive outlook every time, whatever the circumstance.)
Mountaineer of the Year (For perfect or near perfect attendance in 2014 minor and major climbs and attitude in altitude; strength of character, courage and perseverance, and overcoming weaknesses.
Harkor of the Year (For persistence and determination in Traverse Climb)

“T” Category – Transformation. For volunteers who have shown great improvement in attitude, rapport and camaraderie within the organization.

Bumblebee Award (For effective and positive impact on other volunteers)
Bullynteer of the Year (For wit and banter, creating a lively atmosphere within the group.)
ROTA Blogger of the Year (For promoting the advocacy of ROTA)

“A” Category – Altruism. For volunteers who have shown passion, dedication and commitment in the service delivery of the different ROTA programs and activities; and for unselfishly sharing their knowledge and skills thus greatly contributed to the development of the organization.

Most Spirited Volunteer Award (For exemplifying unmatched enthusiasm and cheer)
Gali of the Year (For newly bona fide members, epitomizing the four core values of ROTA; responsibility, optimism, transformation and altruism)
Upline of the Year (For having the most number of active downline volunteers)
ROTA Team Award (For the best outreach implementation)
Special Awards

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