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More Than We Ask For

4I thought it’s a matter of choosing to lose something, and it never gave me reason to lose hope then.   God has a lot more to give. I have kept praying and asking God for opportunities to come, often I asked for His mercy to give me what I needed despite my failures and mistakes. Yes, He is giving me what I prayed for and thanked Him much for that.

There was one time, a surprise text message received after attending holy mass (with my petitions prayed). I was hired as Area Coordinator that I applied for in one of the DSWD 10 projects while waiting for DA 10 notice of hiring PRDPs Project Development Assistants. But it was one sort of short notice to report immediately the following day for a four-day training and orientation, so I confirmed to attend, grabbing one good opportunity.

But then, I have one important event to attend on the 3rd day of the scheduled training. One event that I aimed not to miss for it has been planned and prepared since July 2014; plane tickets booked since September 2014 with my rucksack packed and ready. I have also been saving amount for a period of time for the trip so it won’t be missed.10981655_10152631761141244_8329621689851810971_n

However, I continued to attend the DSWD 10 training. Having oriented with the objectives and processes, it was one of the tasks I would love to do and work on though. The salary rate is quite compensating even though it only last for three months contract, you would get a high gross. Such amount would have been a big help for me since I never had earnings from the past two months that would patch up deficits from regular expenses spent. But in my mind is still the incoming travel that I would not want to miss.

More so, I am in the midst of choosing to complete the training or go for the flight. The consequence is, If I failed to complete the training, I cannot continue as Area Coordinator and will not have earnings. On the other hand, Mt. Pulag climb and outreach event, is one of my dreamt climb that I know I would not have any other chance to go with such joyous group (ROTA Phils.) is not just merely climbing for fun, an outreach to the children on one of the elementary schools in sitio of Bokod, Benguet will also eventuate.2

Again, I asked God for guidance what to choose then, I know it will be my failure to let go what He gave me. I have been asking advices to colleagues, of course there always be fair advices of both different sides. Until on the day before the flight, I asked permission to the heads of the training if I’d be permitted to cut the training and continue to make-up on further trainings to be conducted for area supervisors/other positions. Nevertheless, they never allow such matter and let me decide to complete the training or say goodbye to the job.5

On the second thought, I wanted to complete the training for it was one chance given to me. That night, while on the state of confusion, I passed by our group president’s residence to claim my shirt and ID (get some sort of remembrance of the climb if I failed to go so). There, some ROTA members is persuading me to go with them, uttered some inviting lines and even said that it is also one of the opportunities to happen. I just do not know what’s with ROTA Phils. that made me decide to go the climb and outreach bartered to the cost in earning income.1

On the day of departure, I went with ROTA Phils., having missed one opportunity had never made my attendance to the event hopeless and failure. I never failed to enjoy one God’s beautiful and wondrous creation that I longed to witness as part of my goals. Also, extended to serve children as one of our advocacies and objectives.

Would it mean regret after the event? Have I chose to lose something worth it? Would I be sorry for myself and ask for another chance? Some might say I only chose good times and left what is needed to pursue.3

Behind all those decisions (whether right or wrong) I laid and offered everything to God. Indeed, I always ask for another chances and I know He is merciful and H e knows my goals in life. There are still a lot He can give, a lot of job (tasks) awaits – for me to do or serve other people other than my family. I still have Hope and am hopeful that God will answer and give me more than what I asked for if I am worthy enough to receive it. I am thankful that God gave me not just one opportunity in one time (that is why I have chose between the two), both are worth it. God made every day as good times. In everything give thanks (Thessalonians 5:18), because even if I never earned income at the moment, I also loved what I am doing on the other side.

How important that we – in good times or times  of challenge – draw near to God’s loving heart to hear His voice and place our lives in His hand (David McCasland.ODB.vol 21-A.March5)###.7

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