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Oh Kamansi (2nd time around)


The sun was already shining when the volunteers arrived at Balingasag. From there, they will take a habal-habal to Sitio Kibanban where they will start their trek to Sitio Kamansi. The habal-habal ride was long, bouncy and dangerous due to the big rocks on the road. A road that seems to be a river that ran out of water and decided to be a road. But what the road lacked in beauty, the view made up for it. The mountains looked velvety smooth and were very green. So diverting the attention from the road to the mountain helped ease the uneasiness from the ride. From Sitio Kibanban, it takes about three hours of open-trail trek with two river-crossing. And even though the sun was blazing hot, the view was hotter. Magnificent mountain range that will take your breath away.

Since the volunteers arrived at Sitio Kamansi earlier as expected, they were able to relax for awhile and settle down before proceeding with the planned activities. While some were busy preparing snacks for the kids, others were entertaining the kids with different games. School kits and TOMS shoes were given after the games. The parents were also given used clothings, face towels and combs. Some basic medicines, seeds, sprinklers and grab hoes were also given to the PTA President of the school. Then everybody feasted on rice and adobong chicken liver. When night came, some of the kids came back and watched cartoons on a laptop. Sitio Kamansi has no electricity. So it was really a treat for the kids to be able to watch cartoons. The next day, some of the kids and parents came back. They were served arroz caldo for breakfast. After breakfast, the mothers were gathered for a mini cooking demo on an alternative way of cooking lutya (cocoyam).

The volunteers started their trek back to Sitio Kibanban a little before noon, stopping for awhile by the river for lunch and to enjoy the fresh, cold water. Then again, the much dreaded habal-habal ride had to be taken. It was already late in the afternoon when they arrived in Balingasag and rode a jeepney back to Cagayan de Oro.

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